Edinburgh College Resilience Day

Term 3 commenced on Tuesday with the positivity of PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) for our Secondary students. This semester’s PB4L focusses on the theme of ‘resilience’ which was initially examined in an engaging chapel led by Pastor Ryan.


Following Chapel, the Year 7-10 students completed a series of activities in their Home Rooms, discussing the concept of resilience in greater depth and identifying role models who display this trait. Students also composed a class motto on resilience and created their own personal flag signifying what resilience means to them. The following resilience themed scavenger hunt was a highlight of the day which saw students following clues to retrieve specific items from around the school that possessed specific traits representing resilience as an object lesson.


As part of the PB4L activities, our Senior students enjoyed examining the PB4L themes through the means of a career expo. Year 11 and 12 students received many tips from various speakers for developing resilience in both a University setting and a workplace environment.

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