Edinburgh Swimming Carnival

Years 5-12 had an outstanding day last Wednesday at Edinburgh College’s Swimming Carnival. All students who participated or attended to show their support for their house should be congratulated.

A very pleasing element of the day that made all the staff proud of our College was the interaction and support that was shown by all students. Particularly commendable was the en-couragement the senior students gave the junior students.

A special thank you to all the staff who looked longingly at the cool water while keeping dry and ensuring that the day ran smoothly.


House Results: Gilson 876 points, Yarra 823 poits and Melba 473 points.


Highlights and Reflections from Year 5 & 6 Students:

I enjoyed swimming, even though I didn’t win, I still had lots of fun. I liked joining in and meeting all the Secondary kids and cheering for Melba House. – Liana

I loved participating in all the events. It was also nice how the Secondary kids encouraged us. I got to compete against my friends and I am very excited to do it again next year. – Micah

The swimming carnival was great fun competing against the other houses by racing, dressing up and seeing who had the best song. Overall, it was an amazing experience helping our house to win and having fun in the process. I bet the Year 4’s and 3’s will love it as well when they are old enough to go. – Joshua

Being able to cool off on a hot summer’s day. – Lara

The senior kids and having them encourage us to do our best!  – Chayse

Everyone who wanted to have a go was able to participate. – Henry

As I was doing the backstroke in a race, one of the Secondary student leaders, Jeorgiah, jumped in the water to help me. – Emily

I enjoyed the choice of lots of strokes. If I didn’t like backstroke I could do freestyle. – Cody