Road to Bethlehem 2018

The annual Road To Bethlehem event will once again return to Edinburgh College for 2018.

It’s quickly becoming a tradition for local families – a time to share with friends and loved ones – where families and friends gather to walk the journey of the Christmas story. With hundreds of performers and actors from all ages taking part in the performance over four days, each evening begins on the primary school oval where you soak up the atmosphere, enjoy live music, purchase food from local stalls and take part in children’s activities.

You will require tickets for entry and tickets are free. A maximum number of 20 people are allocated to travel throughout the performance at any one time. When your group is called, you will be welcomed to experience the story, stopping at several outdoor scenes. You’ll recognise familiar characters and villains along the way, including shepherds and angels, kings and centurion soldiers, each of whom bring the story alive. In travelling the journey, you’ll join over 13,000 visitors each year who discover the true meaning of Christmas through this wonderful performance.

Why not establish a new family tradition this year? Visit to Road to Bethlehem and begin the Advent season with a focus on what the season is all about.

Watch the highlight reel from Road to Bethlehem

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