Welcome to the Class of 2019

Throughout the first term, the focus is to assist Year 12 students to make the transition of ‘their last year’ well – it’s a strange thought for some, and it does take some getting used to! To facilitate this, a number of activities are developed to celebrate the school year ahead for teaching staff, students and families to participate in together.

This year’s focus is on being ‘Unstoppable’ as the phrase was introduced in the first secondary chapel of the year by campus Principal, Mr Tim Borgas. Students were encouraged to think about how they can be unstoppable in achieving what they set their minds to (Romans 8:31).










A new initiative for 2019 saw Year 7 and Year 12 students begin their school year a day earlier than the rest of the secondary campus. This provided Year 12 students with the opportunity to spend an hour and half of uninterrupted time with their English and Maths teachers. In 2020 we hope to utilise the staggered start to kick off our Retreat program thereby minimising the impact on academic classes.

In addition to planned curriculum tasks in first term, opportunities for creativity, initiative, service and leadership are provided, where students are required to:

  • Attend Year 12 retreat and commencement dinner with teachers and parents,
  • Participate in a whole School Dedication Service, and;
  • Organise chapel service for the year.


Year 12 retreat

In its second year, the Edinburgh College Year 12 retreat is a time for reflection, bonding and goal setting. This event enabled the Class of 2019 to stay in the beautiful Yarra Valley at Jumbunna Lodge for a little over 24 hours. During this time, students engaged in individual and collective goal setting and planning for the year ahead. A time of spiritual reflection was another key feature of this retreat with Pastor Ryan Vidot leading the students in devotions throughout the camp.

On the evening of Monday 4 February, students Year 12 teachers and parents journeyed to Jumbunna to join the Year 12 students for a commencement dinner. This provided an opportunity to staff, students and parents to reflect on the journey to date, hear about goals planned and look forward to the year ahead together.

The following morning, students spent time honing their study skills as they prepare for the year ahead with two study skills sessions lead by Elevate Education. These sessions examined the science behind the most effective study habits, providing invaluable tools for students to succeed in their final year of schooling.

Student reflections on the Year 12 retreat:

  • I enjoyed the opportunity for the class as a whole to brainstorm and reflect on the year ahead. – Laura
  • I enjoyed spending time with friends.  – Thomas
  • The Year 12 Dinner was a great way to introduce the students and also the parents of the students that came together and showed us the support that we will be getting in the upcoming year. – Martin


Parents, students, and staff enjoy attending the Year 12 retreat at Jumbunna Lodge, Yarra Valley


Whole School Dedication

The Class of 2019 took an active role in the school’s annual multi-campus dedication, held on Friday 8 February. Our Year 12 students believe that greater cohesion between the year levels promotes a positive school culture, and shifted the seating for the event, sitting with ‘buddies’ from primary school and junior secondary. This initiative was reinforced by the message of Mr Tim Borgas, Principal, who encouraged students to make school a better place for one person each day.


Secondary Captains deliver a message at whole school dedication (Primary Campus)

Chapel Program – Valentine’s Day

The celebration of Valentine’s day has become a tradition led by the Year 12 cohort each year. This year’s class were focused on using the day to bridge divides between the year levels, promote positive feelings of belonging at school and get students involved in a bit of fun.


The day featured Year 12 students leading out in a ‘love’ themed chapel program with valentine’s related icebreakers. Students who pre-purchased roses and chocolates had their gifts delivered and the day was celebrated in Valentine’s Day-related free dress with some talented costume arrangements!

Laura and Catherine handing out roses in chapel


Valentines Day fancy dress – students

Valentines Day fancy dress – teaching staff


We asked a couple of our students on their Year 12 experience so far. Here’s what some of them had to say:

First Day of Year 12:

  • The first day of Year 12 was really relaxed and we were just able to take a breath and we had a bit of an inspirational talk from pastor Ryan to start the year off organised and the two double periods of English and Maths also helped to get things sorted. – Jessica

Year 12 Students enjoy their First Day at school in devotions and at the on campus cafe


Reflections on Year 12 so far:

  • Fun, but loads of work. – Jordan Warren
  • I can feel the responsibilities and can’t wait to get out there and make positive changes to the school. – Sascha
  • I really enjoyed Valentine’s day, it gave us a chance to step up and help organise something. I feel like it was a good way for the younger years to get to know and introduce our class. – Zoe

What are you looking forward to?

  • This year I am most looking forward to getting to the end and not having the stress and being able to take a break from studying. At the same time, I also want to make the most out of the time I have with my class and experience year 12 with them and make some really amazing memories as a class. – Jessica
  • Using my ideas to help improve school life, being involved in the production, making friends with the younger grades, developing my relationship with God. – Rebekah


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