Open Night 2019 Wrap Up

It is estimated that more than 150 visitors to campus on Monday evening, as Edinburgh College hosted local families for their annual Open Night.

The Kindergarten rooms were on display for parents with little ones to visit, the primary classrooms were open with teaching staff fielding lots of questions from interested parents, and secondary campus hosted families who were interested in Year 7 and beyond in 2020. Student work was on display, and the Edinburgh College band performed a number of songs from their repertoire in front of the cafeteria to the delight of those in attendance. Student leaders were on hand to accompany families into their respective areas of interest and staff were nearby throughout.

The science lab was abuzz with energy, with small science experiments for the little ones to try. They made sherbet with jelly crystals, bicarb soda, icing sugar, and citric acid and could take their experiment home afterward to enjoy. Others looked at element samples of rare metals and rocks, looked under the microscope at dissected flowers, and experimented with the transfer of kinetic energy using the ‘Newton’s cradle’. For the adventurous, the Van De Graaff generator provided an up-close investigation of static electricity. There was plenty of fire in the science lab – the controlled sort: burnt steel wool experiment generated a lot of interest as did the fireball, created with methane-filled bubbles. And then there was the slime; fluorescent slime created from polyvinyl alcohol solution and borax solution which was then taken home by each budding scientist!

Some of the families who attended the evening offered their thoughts on the night:

Open Night was a very positive night, there were lots of questions and interest from surrounding schools. – Jeanette

The band playing on the lawns created a really nice atmosphere, and the learning spaces were set up really well. Student representatives were helpful in answering any questions we had.  You can tell the teaching staff really pour their heart and soul into their work, their dedication is very impressive. – Sam

If you would like to be notified of the next Open Night, email us.