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Edinburgh College Captains appear in Lilydale Leader 

As part of a special education edition, the Lilydale and Yarra Valley Leader newspaper recently ran an editorial piece on local schools and their emerging leaders. Edinburgh College captains, Laura and Martin were invited to participate and were asked, ‘what difference can your generation make in the world?’

Here’s the response from our College Captains:


We the next generation can reach the whole world with the touch of a button. All of us have the knowledge and skills to comprehend the issues that are facing us in our local communities and abroad. This next generation will tackle social issues affecting countries in other hemispheres by acting locally, such as purchasing water from our local supermarkets. There are no boundaries in which a problem would have been limited before. I believe high importance will be placed on wellbeing as we become more aware of our addiction to self-doubt from using social media. This change will draw being ‘content’ to be an important goal to reach.



There is no denying what past generations have achieved and although our generation is often referred to as ‘millennials’ and ‘consumed by social media’, we are in an empowering position. I truly believe that compassion is growing and along with innovative, intelligent minds this generation will make a difference by bridging the gap between those who have and those who do not. Advances in sustainable agriculture and energy production will enable longevity of health for all and not just those who can afford it, making a difference in the quality of life for all.

You can also see their response in the online edition at or visit your local newsagent to collect your free copy.

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