60 seconds in… Legal Studies

Martin Jones, current VCE Legal Studies student, talks about his interest in the law in VCE Legal Studies.


What is your main interest in Legal Studies?

My main interest in doing VCE Legal Studies is the knowledge that I develop throughout the units applies not only towards my own life but everyone in the community. It’s important to understand why our laws exist and also realise that laws can adapt to an ever-developing society.


On your recent excursion to the legal precinct, what in practice did you recognise from your studies?

Through the sentencing of two offenders who committed aggravated burglary, we learned about why a specific sentence was handed down to the offenders during our class studies. This sentence was applied directly by the judge in this case, which was very interesting and showed the application of our knowledge.


What was the highlight of your excursion?

My highlight of visiting the Courts and the Victorian Parliament was watching a Jury Empanelment in the Supreme Court that set up a jury to hear and decide on the outcome of an indictable offence.


Who did you meet with?

We met with the Supreme Court of Appeals Justice, the Honorable Justice Karin Emerton. Justice Emerton told us about the experiences of her career and the importance of her job in upholding the Victorian law.


What areas of law interest you the most, and why?

The area of law that I’m most interested in would be Criminal Law. I’m interested in how rehabilitation can be an influencing factor to an offender and how they can change their life from a mistake that they have made.


Why should students be involved with Legal Studies as an elective?

Legal Studies is a very rewarding subject – the law is an important aspect of life in society.


What will you do with your Legal Studies learning after this year?

The skills that I have developed during Legal Studies can help me to undertake a University Degree: skills such as work ethic, formal presentations, and responses to tasks.


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