60 seconds with… Mrs Conway, Prep Teacher

What is your name, and what do you teach at Edinburgh College?
My name is Mrs. Laura Conway and I am the Prep/Foundation teacher.


Why did you choose teaching as a career?
Teaching has always been my passion and my way of serving God. I love the opportunity to contribute to a community and help children to turn their dreams into reality. I am a lover of space and I love that as a teacher I have the potential to help someone get to the moon. As a teacher it is such a privilege to be part of every career journey at the very beginning providing knowledge and nurturing passion and motivation.


What is your biggest challenge in the classroom?
As we welcome children into Prep we are inviting them into a world of challenges and we do it with enthusiasm and excitement. Challenges can be as small as shoe tying and maintaining energy to get through the day and includes many learning challenges as concepts are so new. As we invite children into this challenging environment we do this with the motto that ‘Mistakes are learning’ and ‘practice makes progress’. Challenges mean that learning is taking place and they become a welcome part of our day. We love to conquer these challenges to move onto new mountains. It is such an exciting journey. Though I am a teacher, I am a ‘forever learner’ – this means I face learning challenges the same way that the students do. I am blessed to have a faith that means I can look at these challenges as opportunities and embrace them entirely and without fear.


What is the most rewarding thing about your role? 
I love when I make mistakes and the children correct me (we welcome our friends polite help). My mistakes model learning and can facilitate teamwork. As a class we can have a laugh remembering to not take ourselves too seriously and we can support each other in learning while consolidating our own learning. Sharing my learning with the children also helps them be willing to share their learning with me. They invite me into their journeys and challenges and trust me to work with them there. Together, often with a song and always with excitement we take on learning in colourful and joyful ways.


What are your interests and hobbies?
My biggest love in life is family and adventure. Beach adventures in no shoes, farm adventures in gumboots and exploring new places with my nephew and the rest of the clan. I love reading children’s books and I dabble in writing my own. I love problem solving and sudokus and I do believe my life can sometimes be a musical. These hobbies are all reasons that I love teaching. Teaching facilities all of my interests. I am part of a Prep family who adventure in learning and new environments sometimes even in our gumboots. I read never before seen stories and I know every author. I solve problems and am excited to see critical thinking everyday and we sing songs often.

Though I am a teacher, I am a ‘forever learner’ – and I face learning challenges the same way that the students do. ~ Mrs. Conway

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