60 seconds in… Legal Studies with Laura

Laura, current VCE Legal Studies student, talks about her interest in the law in VCE Legal Studies.


What is your main interest in Legal Studies?

My main interest in doing VCE Legal Studies is the knowledge that I develop throughout the units applies not only towards my own life but everyone in the community. It’s important to understand why our laws exist and also realise that laws can adapt to an ever-developing society.


On your recent excursion to the legal precinct, what in practice did you recognise from your studies?

As we have studied the criminal justice system, getting the opportunity to see an actual case where the judge sentences the accused enabled us to see how it happens in real life. Also, the formalities required, such as the judge is addressed by bowing when anyone enters the room.


What was the highlight of your excursion?

Seeing the jury emplanelment and sentencing of two young men.


Who did you meet with?

We met with Supreme Court Judge, Karin Emmerton and discussed her career journey and some of the issues she faces and identifies in the criminal justice system.


What areas of law interest you the most, and why?

We only saw criminal law on the day, I’d say criminal law interests me more because there is more depth to it and it deals with more than just people breaking laws. It is interesting to look at what causes people to commit offences and the positives and negatives of the Victorian criminal justice system in addressing these issues.


Why should students be involved with Legal Studies as an elective?

Legal studies provides a lot of important ideas and concepts. Learning about the justice system on a deeper level enables us to develop and more in-depth understanding of why and how the justice system operates. Personally, it has opened up my eyes to the reasons behind why judges make the sentences and decisions that they do and the laws the have to follow when doing so.


What will you do with your Legal Studies learning after this year?

I would love the opportunity to study law after school, I find the concept of the legal and justice system really interesting. I believe there are many ways in which the legal system could improve to better provide justice to everyone in the community.


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