60 seconds with… Miss Brown, Prep Teacher

What is your name and what do you teach?

My name is Rebecca Brown and I am one of the Prep/Foundation teachers at Edinburgh College.


Why did you choose teaching as a career?

As a student I struggled at school. I found reading quite difficult and felt that my brain came to different conclusions compared to my peers. It became my goal to pursue teaching in order to support young learners like me. As a teacher I am able to see the challenges, support the growing knowledge and praise effort over outcomes. I love seeing the simple joy and hearing honest answers children have to share on a daily basis. With a passion for sharing and growing knowledge and as a joy seeker, teaching is a good fit for me.


What is your biggest challenge in the classroom?

The first year at school is one of the biggest changes children will have to face early in their learning journey. I found that getting students to realise their worth and potential can be one of the trickiest challenges. I want them to see success as how much effort they are putting in, praising the effort over the outcome. As many of us already know, everyone learns differently and at different paces. In our classroom we say things like ‘practice makes progress’ and ‘mistakes are learning’. These simple phrases help students to have a different perspective of failure, seeing this as learning rather than reason for distress. We want students to give it their best knowing God will take care of the rest.

What is the most rewarding thing about your role?

I think the most rewarding part about being not only a teacher but a Prep Teacher is that I am their person. Parents send their bundles of joy (and yes I believe they are all bundles of joy) to our classroom and trust that we will love and care for them just as they would. I can honestly say I love being trusted with such an important job. Supporting them as they transition to school, grow in themselves, in their knowledge and with their peers. They share their truest selves with me and in turn so do. I share with them stories of a cheeky Miss Brown who struggled with self-control around Freddo frog ice-cream cake and times when I had to make the decision to choose joy. In our classroom we are family.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I think (our other prep teacher) Mrs Conway and I can confidently say teaching is our hobby. Though, we do have a life outside of school. When I am not planning for our next learning adventure, I usually spend my time propagating different plants and organising my home. During the school holidays, I lead a team of young adults to a rural town in the south-west Victoria. We pay it forward to families in need of some TLC and give back to the community through service. I am a service seeker always looking to participate in my community, church, school and wherever God leads me.


Parents send their bundles of joy to our classroom and trust that we will love and care for them just as they would. ~ Miss Brown, Prep Teacher, Edinburgh College

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