Legal Studies Students Visit Spring Street and Law Precinct

Edinburgh College students had the honor of receiving a personal tour of Victorian Parliament House on Spring Street for the first time as part of their VCE Legal Studies city excursion this year.


Students had the opportunity to become acquainted with the process of the Supreme Court of Victoria, hearing from The Honourable Justice Karin Emerton, witnessing a sentencing process and a jury empaneling. Students also visited the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court to watch bail application and, for the first time, received a personalised tour of the Victorian Parliament.

Every year, Year 11 and 12 students attend full-day excursions in the city with different focus points:


Law Week in May (Year 12 only)


This excursion is specifically designed to support Legal Studies students in preparing for the VCAA examination at the end of the year. Students attend presentations delivered by members of the judiciary, practitioners, and leaders within the legal profession.This year, students heard from the former Victorian Attorney General Rob Hulls, the Victorian Law Reform Commission (VLRC) and Dispute Settlement Centre Victoria. The day concluded with a tour of the Melbourne County Court and students learning first hand about the work of the County Court and process of jury empaneling by Paul Dore, Juries Commissioner.


Legal Studies excursion to Law Precinct and Parliament House in June (Year 11 and 12)

As part of our annual excursion, Edinburgh College legal studies students had the opportunity to speak with The Honourable Justice Karin Emerton of the Supreme Court Court of Appeals. This rare opportunity meant that our students could ask questions about life in the judiciary and Justice Emerton’s career path to the bench. Students also attended a sentencing and jury empanelment in the Supreme Court and sat in a bail hearing at the  Magistrates’ Court. For the very first time in 2019, Edinburgh College students were invited for a personalised tour of Victorian Parliament, showing a full picture of the birthplace of statute law to the interpretation of statues and development of common law at the courts.



“Through the sentencing of two offenders who committed aggravated burglary, we learned about why a specific sentence was handed down to the offenders during our class studies. This sentence was applied directly by the judge in this case, which was very interesting and showed the application of our knowledge.” ~ Martin, VCE Legal Studies student


“There is no better learning about the law than attending the courts. Here, students not only see the principles of justice played out, but more importantly develop an understanding of the gravity of a situation. In court the concepts of disadvantage, access and justice are more fully understood. This is an important reminder which draws us back to our reason for being on earth – to be the hands and feet of Jesus, serving those around us.” ~ Miss Kristen Judd, VCE Coordinator & Careers Advisor


The annual excursions to the Melbourne Courts precinct allow VCE Legal Studies students to experience the functioning of the Government and Legal System in Victoria at both court levels. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the practice of law for a day, connect with those in the profession and bring their understanding of coursework and online classes to real-world scenarios.


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