Edinburgh College Scholarships
Edinburgh College Scholarships

Scholarships are available to current Year 6 students entering Year 7 in 2018 and new students enrolling in Year 7 for 2018.

2018 & 2019 Scholarships

  • Academic Scholarships are awarded to students who excel academically.
  • Leadership Scholarships recognise students who exhibit a comprehensive range of leadership skills and who continue to utilise those skills to make a difference within the community.
  • Creativity Scholarships affirms our belief in a Creator and recognises student’s artistic and creative talents.
  • Service Scholarships affirm our belief that acts of service represent a powerful means by which to aid those in need. This scholarship recognises extended, personal involvement in community service.
  • Sport Scholarships are awarded in recognition of students who excel in sport.
  • Music Scholarships are awarded to students who excel in musical performance.
  • Technology Scholarships recognise students who exhibit outstanding skill in the use of technology for a productive and altruistic purpose.

How to Apply

  1. Complete a Student Enrolment Application Form
  2. Complete and return the Scholarship Application & Referees Statement by the due date (5pm Monday, June 19) via post or email.
  3. Please forward application form and attachments to:PrincipalEdinburgh College33-61 Edinburgh Road

    Lilydale, 3140

    or email:


  4. Attach all relevant information, as the Application will only be considered if it is complete


For 2017 (ie applications for a 2018/19 scholarship) Scholarship Applications close at 5pm on Monday, June 19 2017.