Outside School Hours Care
Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) & Vacation Care

Vacation care, Before and After school care programs are run by our Diploma qualified OSHC Co-ordinator, Melissa Smart.  The programs are implemented from the Multi Purpose Centre and children are encouraged to take part in engaging varied activities or complete homework.

Details of enrolment and costs are available from the school office or the Edinburgh College Early Learning Centre.  Childcare Assistance is available to most families.


The Before School Care program starts at 7.00am each school day.

The children receive a light breakfast and participate in various craft learning experinces.


After School Care program begins at 3.30pm and runs until 5.30pm. 

The children receive afternoon tea and have the enjoyment of engaging in either outdoor or indoor learning experiences.  

Please note a fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged for children collected after 5.30pm.


Curriculum Day and Vacation Care begins at 7.00am runs until 5.30pm.  Children are required to bring their own lunch, and we provide morning and afternoon tea. During this program days are themed and children have the opportunity of attending excursions such as roller skating and bowling.  We look forward to providing further information to your family about our OSHC program.