Peer Support
Peer Support
Student wellbeing at Edinburgh College is strengthened by peer support. Our Peer Support program connects students in their year level groups and across the campus, from Early Learning to Year 12.

Buddy System

Beginning in the Early Learning Centre, Edinburgh College students are provided with an older buddy. This peer mentor strategy assists younger students with learning, finding their way around campus and someone to simply ask questions of around campus. Additionally, this is a fantastic leadership opportunity for our older students, building confidence, teaching and mentorship skills.  

Vertical and Horizontal Homerooms

In Secondary, vertical and horizontal homerooms support the inter-connectedness and wellbeing of our Secondary students.   Horizontal homerooms are a chance for year-level peers to connect. Vertical home rooms are made up of students from all year levels and are facilitated by Ambit leaders in Year 11 & 12. The mission of these leaders is to develop ways to support and include younger students.